Driven by our conviction that there is a way to create a world of equal opportunities for people with disabilities, the Society for Child Development (SFCD) was set-up as a non-profit organization in 1992 to establish programs and initiatives for it actualization.

The Society for Child Development is a non profit organization that works to create a world of equal opportunities for children and young adults with mental handicap and other disabilities.

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Our vision for the future is that every person with mentally handicap will have:

The same access to opportunities and services such as education, healthcare and employment.

The opportunity to use and develop his or her inherent talent to their fullest potential.

The opportunity for respect for their capacities and be valued for their efforts. enabling them to be viewed as equal members of society

To create a better world for children and young adults with mental disabilities by:

Providing education and vocational skills training which allows these children and young adults to actualize their capacities.

Creating and disseminating innovative frameworks and models which address unique difficulties.

Serving as a catalyst for dialogue to mobilize change within the government and society as a whole.



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